Behrens Family Winery Holiday Offerings

What. A. Year! Every one of us has been challenged in one way or another in 2020 (or in one way AND another), so perhaps, it’s time to reflect on what this year has brought, while looking forward to brighter days ahead. And what better way to do that than with Behrens Family wines?

Welcome to our 2020 Holiday Offering. Even though holiday celebrations may look a bit different than in years past, we all still enjoy gifting our favorite things to our favorite people, and we are here to inspire you with what we think is a great selection of holiday gift sets. We have many special and fun packages to choose from, including our first ever winter holiday wine “A Midnight Clear.” This wine will officially be allocated only to our Secret Stash members in the future, but we couldn’t help ourselves. It’s so good that we designated a mere 10 cases to be offered in a two-bottle set with our Thanksgiving Cabernet Sauvignon.

Take a look, and let us know how we can help you with your holiday shopping and/or corporate gift giving. Because we are in festive moods and because shipping is expensive, we are offering a reduced flat rate of $25 per package. This is NOT an online offer, so please contact Robin Cooper directly via email, . She will handle all orders personally and chronologically as received and with great attention. If required, your  patience is appreciated. As always, Robin is happy to tailor gifts to include favorites not shown here (magnums, anyone?) or to fit you budget.

3-Pack Classic of 2012 Vineyard Designate Cabernet Sauvignon

Presenting three of our beautiful, 100% Cabernet Sauvignons from three of our favorite vineyards – all 2012 and all completely different in personality. Hamilton Vineyard is in Oakville, Beckstrom Vineyard in St. Helena and Herrick Vineyard up on Howell Mountain. This package is a great way to experience several of the terroirs that make up this amazing valley we are so lucky to call home.
Special Holiday Offer: $300 per 3-pack

Have you Heard?

We’re listening!  This is only the second time we put together this special 2-bottle set – 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from two different clones and two different blocks in the spectacular Moulds Family Vineyard in Oak Knoll. These 2014 vintage Cabernet Sauvignons are really starting to hit their stride and are so much fun to do side by side. Perfect for business gift giving, too.
Special Holiday Offer: $250 per 2-bottle set

Buh-Bye 2020! Don’t Let the Door Hit Ya…

With a wink and a smile, we offer you three wines whose labels seems timely. While the humor may be a bit dark, and the color of these gorgeous beauties is definitely dark AND deep, these wines are completely uplifting! So, here’s to 2021! This 3-pack consists of a bottle each of our 2014 The Rescue Cabernet Sauvignon, 2014 Resurrection Syrah (we shall rise!) and of course, our 2017 Where There’s Smoke Grenache.
Special Holiday Offer: $285 per 3-pack

Best of the Best Verticals

We’ve reached into the library and are pleased to offer two of our amazing single-vineyard classics in 3-year verticals. Choose from either the pure, 100% Cabernet Sauvignon Cemetery (2015, ’16 and ’17) or the fantastic Cabernet Franc-based Martinez  Vineyard Labor of Love (2014, ’15 and ’16). The beauty, power and passionate care of these vineyards is always reflected in these gorgeous bottlings. Pick your favorite, or you can always choose both!
Special Holiday Offer: $525 per 3-bottle pack of Cemetery and $375 per 3-pack of Labor of Love


It’s always great to have some wines that are just fun drinkers. The Road Les Traveled 5 is Petite Sirah-based; The Road Les Traveled 6 is Cabernet Sauvignon-based; and La Danza Sauvignon Blanc is wonderfully crisp and refreshing – a perfect start to any evening!
Special Holiday Offer: $110 per 3-pack

Nothing Petite About Our Petites!

P.S. we love you! It’s always fun to figure out which of these gorgeous beauties we will offer up for the holidays, and this year, we threw caution to the wind and are going all in with this three bottle set: Kick Ranch Petite Sirah from Sonoma County, Rapture Petite Sirah from Spring Mountain and The Passenger, which is a blend of both with a little Calistoga thrown in!
Special Holiday Offer: $175 per 3-pack

Happy Holidays Special

These two magnificent Cabernet Sauvignons are something really, really special. 2016 Thanksgiving is Cabernet with a wonderful dollop of Martinez Vineyard Cabernet Franc blended in, and 2018 A Midnight Clear is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from Moulds Family Vineyard, Cemetery Vineyard and Martinez Vineyard. There were only four barrels of each of these produced and only 120 sets are available for this offer.

Special Holiday Offer: $325 per 2-bottle set

We wish you and yours all the very best this holiday season, and here’s to a wonderful 2021!

Les, Lisa, Schatzi, Robin, Sean, Connie & Ethan

ORDER ~ Please contact Robin at or call (917) 842-0976 for more information or to order (No online ordering available on this offering). Shipping charges will be added at purchase.