Greetings from Paloma Vineyard!

We at Paloma hope you are safe and joining us in doing whatever we can to help follow the effective advice from past pandemics: drink more wine!

“In 1918, a strain of influenza known as Spanish flu caused a global pandemic, spreading rapidly and killing indiscriminately. Doctors recommended avoiding crowded places, keeping mouths and noses covered, drinking wine and beef broth. Those who followed instructions had a better chance of surviving the pandemic!”

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While dutifully remaining in lockdown I collected, from diverse sources, enlightening information that I would like to share with you on how wine has been used medicinally for centuries. Here’s  to you and your loved ones’ health:

  • Ancient Egyptian papyri and Sumerian tablets dating back to 2200 BC detail the medicinal role of wine, making it the world’s oldest documented human-made medicine.
  • The Greek physician Hippocrates considered wine a part of a healthy diet, and advocated its use as a disinfectant for wounds, as well as a medium in which to mix other drugs for consumption by the patient.
  • In his first century work De Medicina, the Roman encyclopedist Aulus Cornelius Celcus detailed a long list of Greek and Roman wines used for medicinal purposes.
  • While treating gladiators in Asia Minor, the Roman physician Galen would use wine as a disinfectant for all times of wounds, and even soaked exposed bowels before returning them to the body. During his four years with the gladiators, only five deaths occurred, compared to sixty deaths under the watch of the physician before him who did not use wine as medicine.
  • The Jewish Talmud noted wine to be “The foremost of all medicines: Wherever wine is lacking, medicines become necessary”.
  • In his first epistle to Timothy, Paul the Apostle recommended that his young colleague drink a little wine every now and then for the benefit of his stomach and digestion.
  • While the Islamic Koran contained restrictions on all alcohol, Islamic doctors such as the Persian Avicenna in the 11th century AD noted that wine was an efficient digestive aid but, because of the laws, were limited to use as a disinfectant while dressing wounds.
  • Catholic monasteries during the Middle Ages also regularly used wine for medicinal treatments.
  • Wine was still being used to sterilize water as late as the Hamburg cholera epidemic in 1892 in order to control the spread of the disease.

So drink/use wine liberally! 

Stay safe and healthy. We’ll get through this together, one day at a time.