Historical Podcasts

In the arena of wine marketing and communications the choice of sharing information via podcast is a growing trend. Joining that trend now is The Spring Mountain District Association.

“To our knowledge no other winegrowing region has presented a comprehensive set of oral histories of this type,” explains Association President Sheldon Richards.

“By asking everyone to share their own unique stories, we’ve put together a lot of intriguing listening,” says Jeff Schechtman, who was the host/moderator for the series. “In today’s hectic world, with its many layers of artificiality in marketing, listening to these voices from the Spring Mountain District—real farmers and winemakers who made their homes in a dramatically beautiful part of the Napa Valley—is something rewarding,” adds Schechtman. “You’ll never taste a wine from the Spring Mountain District AVA the same way once you’ve heard these personal stories, full of rich detail,” he also said.

How steep is Spring Mountain? What kind of unusual personality is drawn to farm its tough terrain? How did these vintners wind up on Spring Mountain and what has changed as they’ve developed their vineyards and wineries there? What is the unique and differentiating element of the Spring Mountain District?

Nineteen vintners and growers whose properties lie within the Spring Mountain District answer questions and tell stories in segments which are available individually on the Spring Mountain District Association website.

We thank the following growers and vintners who have already shared their histories:

Marvin Atchley, Atchley Vineyard
David Tate, Barnett Vineyards
Lisa Drinkward & Les Behrens, Behrens Family Winery
Joan Crowley, Crowley Vineyard
Petrus Bekker, Eeden Wines
Dlynn Proctor, Fantesca Estate & Winery
Reilly Keenan, Keenan Winery
Christina Luscher-Ballard and Carroll Ballard, Luscher-Ballard
James Leahy, Marston Family Vineyard
Sheldon Richards, Paloma Vineyard
Rebecca Peacock, Peacock Family Vineyard
Stuart Smith, Smith-Madrone Winery
Andy Schweiger, Schweiger Vineyards
Dermot Whelan & Ron Rosenbrand, Spring Mountain Vineyard
Sarah McCrea, Stony Hill Vineyard
Matt Sherwin, Sherwin Vineyards
John Gantner, School House Vineyard
Sam Baxter, Terra Valentine
Wes Steffens, Vineyard 7 & 8.

To listen to this series via iTunes click here or alternatively through Spotify here

The host and moderator for the program is Jeff Schechtman, the founder and manager of NAPAbroadcasting.com, which brings local news and information to the Napa Valley. It was designed as a model effort to bring local news to communities in an era of the decline of traditional radio and local newspapers. For the past 22 years, Schechtman hosted one of the premiere interview shows, initially originating from radio station 1440 KVON in Napa and now at talkcocktail.com. Schechtman has interviewed over 9,000 authors, journalists, scientists, educators, politicians and people of note.

The host and moderator for this podcast program is Jeff Schechtman, the founder and CEO of Tellurion Media, an audio content company. He is also the founder and Manager of Napabroadcasting.com.


There are currently about 30 vineyards and wineries in the appellation, encompassing 1,000 acres of vineyard.

With a unique identity formed over one and one half centuries, the Spring Mountain District appellation became an official AVA in 1993. The region is known for its wide array of mixed hardwood forests, which include oak, madrone, Douglas fir, redwood, tan oak and bay laurel trees. The AVA is known for its steeply sloped vineyard blocks with stunning vistas at every turn.