July 4th 1939 on Spring Mountain


On July 4th, 1939 Horace Lanza hosted a party on his Spring Mountain Ranch. The ranch was large, the upper part of it is now York Creek Vineyards. The lower is now part of Spring Mountain Vineyard.  Mr. Lanza was an important figure in the history of California wine.  Both movies are filmed at what York Creek would call the “main house”  and  around “the barn”, an the area where York Creek continues today to host a harvest party for their Spring Mountain neighbors. The expansive views over the Napa Valley were taken from the upper reaches of the Spring Mountain Vineyard.

Horace Lanza was one of the founders of the Wine Institute.”At least three themes run through his story: wine and grape operations during Prohibition, his keen interest in grape growing in California, and his philosophical interest in people and education.” Maynard A. Amerine Professor, Viticulture and Enology

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