Historical Podcasts: Coming soon

This will be the home for oral histories for all of the vineyards and wineries in the Spring Mountain District Association.

No other winegrowing region has presented a comprehensive set of oral histories of this type.

We thank the following growers and vintners who have already shared their histories:

Marvin Atchley, Atchley Vineyard
Joan Crowley, Crowley Vineyard
David Tate, Barnett Vineyards
Lisa Drinkward, Behrens Family Winery
Petrus Bekker, Eeden Wines
Dlynn Proctor, Fantesca Estate & Winery
Reilly Keenan, Keenan Winery
Christina Luscher-Ballard and Carroll Ballard, Luscher-Ballard
James Leahy, Marston Family Vineyard
Sheldon Richards, Paloma Vineyard
Andy Schweiger, Schweiger Vineyards
Sarah McCrea, Stony Hill Vineyard
Matt Sherwin, Sherwin Vineyards
John Gantner, School House Vineyard
Sam Baxter, Terra Valentine
Wes Steffens, Vineyard 7 & 8

…and more to follow…..

Please return here in January, when all of the oral histories will be available on this page.

The host and moderator for this podcast program is Jeff Schechtman, the founder and CEO of Tellurion Media, an audio content company. He is also the founder and Manager of Napabroadcasting.com.