Fantesca Estate & Winery

Spring Mountain appellation is defined by vineyards that range from small to smaller, often hand-tilled on terraces and sloping meadows, and wineries hidden from view among dark forests and steep winding roads.

Over the years, despite its limited space and remoteness, the appellation has produced an abundance of wines acclaimed worldwide for the unmistakable intense flavor and delicate, balanced tannins that are now the signature of Spring Mountain wines.


Fantesca Estate is located just a mile up Spring Mountain Road from St. Helena’s main street. Steeped in history, it was originally the dowry of Caroline Bale when she married Charles Krug in 1860. In 1889, long before women could vote in the USA, a Cabernet Sauvignon from this property, made by Hannah Weinberger, achieved one of the first awards for a wine from Napa Valley.

In keeping with the strong female heritage of the property, The Hoff’s chose the winery’s namesake… La Fantesca, who was a sexy, smart and strong-willed female character in the popular early Italian theatrical performances of Commedia dell’ Arte. Both the lover and the equal of Harlequin, Fantesca could always be counted on to woo the audience with her trademark cheek.

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