Fe Wines

Fe (pronounced FEE) is the atomic symbol for iron, a substance that saturates our ruddy soil. Fe occupies an elevated bench in the narrowest stretch of the Napa Valley, amid nearly two thousand acres of untamed parkland. Our vineyard is buffered by redwood, manzanita, ponderosa pine, and wild native grasses.

Our six densely planted blocks of vines are cane-pruned to create a shade canopy in the heat of summer. We plant nitrogen-fixing cover crops rather than artificially amending our soil, and we fight off pests by providing habitat for winged predators.

Our volcanically derived Aiken soil type is rich in iron, which promotes chlorophyll production and thus photosynthesis. While the surface layer is rocky and well-drained, sublayers of loam and clay hold moisture. These conditions often make for brutal, highly tannic wines, but Fe is notable for its silky finesse.