Pride Mountain Vineyards

Pride Mountain Vineyards (PMV) was founded in 1990 by Jim and Carolyn Pride and since 2004 has been owned by their children Suzanne and Steve.  From 2004, the winery has been run and managed by Steve Pride, CEO and general manager, who also directs the farming and co-directs winemaking with winemaker Sally Johnson. 

Sally joined PMV in 2007 and is passionate about each winemaking detail, striving to make each of Pride’s 13 wines as distinctive and unique as possible.  She collaborates closely with Steve in rethinking how each wine is made each vintage with the goals of maintaining the intensely-flavored wine personality that is a signature of the high-elevation property while producing wines capable of aging elegantly and beneficially for decades. 

Our Vineyards

PMV owns 235 acres across the crest of the Mayacamas Mountains at 2000 feet elevation of which 85 acres are planted to vineyards. The grapevines benefit from desirable south-facing exposures, reside above the marine fog layer and experience warm mornings and cool afternoons all of which allow the vines to be physiologically active from morning to night throughout the growing season; this environment results in boldly-structured wines with concentrated flavors. 

Our Wines

Pride wines have been served 32 times at the White House across four administrations.  Robert Parker included Pride Mountain Vineyards as one of 22 California wineries in his book “The World’s Greatest Wine Estates”. 

Our Guests

Pride is equally passionate about the guest experience at the winery.  In 2013, Trip Advisor used guest reviews to name Pride Mountain Vineyards the best winery to visit in the United States.  Since 2013, Pride has continued to restructure the guest experience to make each visit as friendly, fun, informative and personable as possible. 

The Pride mission statement defines what the winery is all about: “To enhance the well-being and happiness of everybody we have the opportunity to interact with.”  

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