Terra Valentine Winery

Terra Valentine was founded in 1996 when Angus and Margaret Wurtele purchased a newly producing vineyard on Spring Mountain and dubbed it the Wurtele Vineyard.  In 1999, they hired Sam Baxter and his father Phil, and began making the wines at the historic Yverdon Winery on Spring Mountain and opened their doors to the public in late 2002 as the tasting room and production facility for Terra Valentine. 
In 2014, after 15 years of successfully developing a world-class wine business, Sam and Angela Baxter purchased the company from the Wurtele’s to continue the legacy of the Terra Valentine wines and moved the tasting room and production off the mountain.  The Wurtele’s continue farming the Wurtele Vineyard located at 1,000 feet on Spring Mountain and the Yverdon Winery was sold to Jackson Family Wines.

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