Wine & Photography

By Wesley Steffens, Vineyard 7 & 8 / Correlation Wine Co.

As the crew begins the final steps in preparing the winery for the upcoming 2022 harvest, and we give all the TLC we can to the fruit to ensure the best quality of fruit will be ready when the time comes to make the call to pick, there has definitely been some good time for reflection this summer as I near my twenty-first harvest on the winemaking side of this incredible journey.  Over the years, I’ve been lucky to have worked with some incredible winemakers, produced many great bottles of wine, experienced many of the iconic vintages in recent decades in the Napa Valley, and of course know all too well the power of Mother Nature.

As every vintage has told a different story, allowing the art of winemaking to truly come through in each bottle we’ve been able to produce, I’ve found more and more another passion of mine has developed along the way, and help me not only document this incredible journey, but help me share the life if wine and winemaking here on my family estate with the help of my camera.

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