Wine’s Most Inspiring People: Ron Rosenbrand – Viticulturist, Spring Mountain Vineyard

Ron Rosenbrand didn’t need a fire to cement his legacy at Spring Mountain Vineyard in Napa. By that awful late September night in 2020, he had already logged almost 20 years as a premier grape grower at one of the region’s most historic properties.

Two fires engulfed Spring Mountain, which “essentially vaporized” most of the estate’s historic buildings. It could have been worse, but Rosenbrand helped direct firefighters to several historic structures hidden from view. In the end, the main winery, the caves, and legendary Miravalle mansion were saved. Meanwhile, Rosenbrand’s home, just a short half-mile away, burned to the ground. Fortunately, his family escaped unharmed.

“Without Ron, there would be no Spring Mountain Vineyard,” Dermot Whelan, Spring Mountain Vineyard’s vice president of sales and marketing, says. “This is meant literally. While several historical buildings and many vineyard blocks were destroyed, we would have lost everything were it not for Ron Rosenbrand’s heroic actions in the face of such adversity.”

It was an act that put the exclamation point on his nomination as one of Wine Industry Advisor’s most inspiring people.

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