Glass Fire Update – 10.02.2020

Day 6 of the #GlassFire.

Thank you to all of you for your continued support, thoughts and prayers as we face the impact of the Glass Fire. We will be updating this page as more information comes in from our member wineries regarding their status and the damage caused.

If you wish to support them please head over to their websites. A large number of them hold a certain amount of wine off-site and are still able to process wine orders.

Atchley Vineyards

Five days of anxiety about the onrushing flames ended last night when firefighters took advantage of the terrain and weather. They set backfires along the road to the Smith-Madrone winery which then burned down the slope colliding with the oncoming wildfire with a great conflagration.  Thus ended the threat to our house and 140-year-old barns.

Setting a successful backfire is one of the most rewarding operations a firefighter can do. The conditions here became ideal with wildfire advancing up against a mild wind blowing the smoke away. There were several fire engines and crews on standby. Much of a firefighters work is hot, heavy, physical grubbing of fire lines but now they could set fires which is fun!  Stu said these young healthy guys were running around like kids in a candy shop.
The contrasting events during the past week have stressed the mind and body of this 83 yr-old. A gifted surgeon at UCSF uses a robot to minimally invade my thorax and remove a small cancerous tumor. A well driller finds a generous supply of water ending a 52-year quest. Then Spring Mountain catches fire and we watch its progress towards us for five days.
But the sun is out and my family and friends have been greatly supportive.  We live to enjoy happier days.
Marv & Judith

Bergman Family Vineyards

Statement for 10/2/20:

The fire made its way onto our property yesterday (10/01/20) in the forested area at our southeast corner and was spotted by our crew around 7am.  Cal Fire was on scene by 9am and are currently working to create fire breaks on and around our property in hopes of protecting our neighbors to our east down to Highway 29 as well.  There is another fire burning below the northwestern corner of our property that has made its way from the Stony Hill area and is expected to threaten our property today.  We are working hard to slow the spread of flames when they arrive on our property to avoid any further advancement to the east Including the numerous homes, vineyards and wineries below us. It is a very fluid situation with conditions changing by the hour. Today will be a critical day to stop the advancement toward numerous properties in the immediate area.

Many of our neighbors have suffered devastating and unfathomable loses, and our hearts go out to them as well as other neighbors who are working hard to put out multiple fires on and around their properties.  We appreciate the support and messages from so many of our friends in the community and are grateful for Cal Fire’s Big Tree Station and other firefighters who are working 24/7 to mitigate the fire’s impact if possible. Stay safe everyone!

You may direct any questions to
Bergman Estates website

Eeden Vineyards

Eeden Napa Valley viewWith heavy heart’s we have found out that Eeden Vineyards has been destroyed by the fires. All the details are still coming in and we will update you once we know more.
Eeden Wines website

Paloma Vineyards

Paloma still stands, at the moment. The virus has reached our fence completely around the property and stopped there. But every day we lose new neighbors homes and wineries. This fire is not done yet. Our fire truck has been all over the mountain the last four days helping where we could. Thank God for firefighters, good engine management and a hell of a lot of luck.
Paloma Website

Peacock Family Vineyards

My parents, Chris and Betsy Peacock,  fled their house on Sunday night as flames were coming up the hill from Spring Mountain Road.  They are safe and sound and came to my home in Napa.  We found out on Monday that our property is still there and intact.  We are so very grateful that my parents are safe and their property is OK.   We know that many of our neighbors have not been so lucky!  Our heart goes out to them as they remain in our thoughts and hearts.  Thank you to all of our amazing clients and friends that have reached out to us during this difficult time.  We are so blessed with so many wonderful people in our lives.  Thank you to the firefighters and first responders that have been tirelessly fighting to save these special properties!   Please stay safe out there!

Vineyard 7 & 8

For now, as things seem to be calming down at least a little bit, we are happy to say Vineyard 7 & 8 stands strong.  By some miracle, by sheer luck, we live to fight another day. To the hero’s of our mountain, and the hero’s from CalFire and other stations from all over, we are beyond grateful for courageous efforts that we’ve seen both first hand, and heard of while off the hill with our family.  Words cannot express.  Our mountain has suffered immeasurable loss, and will most certainly take some time before all is truly understood.  I am strengthened by knowing our community will stand tall once again, stronger than ever.
Be safe all, and God bless!
Wesley Steffens
Vineyard 7 & 8 Website