Some Personal News from Keenan

We have some upsetting news about one of the core team members of Keenan Winery. Laura March, whom you have surely met if you’ve come for a tasting at the winery, was recently injured in a motorcycle accident when riding with her partner, Marc Ferneau, near Calistoga. Laura has been the heart of their tasting room for 26 years and we look forward to her returning to the tasting room once she recovers.⁣

Keenan Winery has provided a link to her Go Fund Me page that has been set up by a friend, for those of you who have been asking how to help and where to send flowers. We are touched by your concern and know they will be too. ⁣

It’s easy to forget how life can suddenly and irrevocably change from one minute to the next. In times like these, it is the support of friends and community that make all the difference. ⁣

We send Laura and Marc our love and know you do too.

Ways to help